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What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Hello, Ontario business owners in the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical fields. If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the future of your hard-earned business and wondering about your exit strategy, you’re not alone. Adam McCabe, founder and CEO of Gravity HVAC, Plumbing and Sheet Metal, invites you to consider a new horizon—a unique opportunity to profit from what you’ve built and ensure a legacy that continues to thrive under the umbrella of The Gravity Group.

About Adam McCabe

A Journey from Vision to Reality

Born in Lindsay, Ontario, with a dream that seemed beyond reach, Adam McCabe transformed his life through sheer determination and hard work. Starting in the trades after moving to Calgary and under the mentorship of an industry veteran, Adam quickly rose through the ranks. By 24, he was managing multimillion-dollar projects and leading large teams. In 2016, he founded The Gravity Group, a testament to his vision and relentless pursuit of excellence. Today, with over 80 employees and an unwavering goal to grow even further, Adam’s story is a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and success.

Why Consider Selling Your Business to
The Gravity Group?

Secure Your Legacy

Transitioning your business to The Gravity Group means entrusting it to a team that values hard work, excellence, and the legacy you’ve built. Adam and his team are committed to preserving the essence of what you’ve created while steering it towards even greater achievements.

Profit from Your Hard Work

We understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building a business. The Gravity Group offers a fair, competitive process to ensure you are rewarded for your efforts and investment.

A Smooth Transition

Our experienced team ensures a seamless transition for your employees and customers, honoring the relationships and trust you’ve built over the years.

Continue to Make an Impact

Joining forces with The Gravity Group doesn’t mean the end of your influence. There’s an opportunity to remain involved, shaping the future of your business within a larger, supportive network.

Our Vision For The Future

With ambitious goals to expand our workforce and reach, your business could play a crucial role in our journey towards creating a leading conglomerate in the trades across Ontario and beyond. We’re looking for partners who share our dedication to quality, innovation, and growth.

Interested in Exploring
What’s Next?

If you’re at a crossroads with your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical business and intrigued by what your future could look like with The Gravity Group, we would love to start a conversation. Adam McCabe is not just looking for businesses to acquire; he’s looking for partners who share his vision for excellence and growth.

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